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Friday 14th

On the Wednesday night when driving me back to the hotel, Eugene asked what I had planned for the weekend. I mentioned that I had nothing planned to which he suggested I should look at Niagara Falls. That sounded pretty interesting so I started thinking about what I would need. The fruit bars I bought on Tuesday (but hadn't used because they are feeding us very well in the training) would be fine but I needed more memory cards for the camera along with some Magnesium for the legs as I expected to be doing a LOT of walking on Saturday.

Just getting the memory card and mag proved to be an exercise in itself. The rain came during the early afternoon meaning that I didn't want to be walking back from the shops wearing my leather soled dress shoes (the shops were on the way from the office so I could have gotten Eugene to drop me off). Fortunately it had stopped by the time we were finished so I didn't have to walk in the rain. I got changed out of the work gear, put some comfy shoes on, grabbed the camera and went for a walk.

The shops were a good 20 minutes away from the hotel as long as you were walking to get there. On the way back though, well I had the camera on my shoulder, and so of course I got myself distracted taking photos. How can you not take photos of critters like these guys running around all over the place?

They were running around yards, out onto the road in front of cars. Everywhere. They didn't like me though and I didn't have the big zoom lens with me so these aren't as good as I would have liked.

Being down by the lakeside there were plenty of big, expensive looking houses.



Or expensive cars. Because one $150k+ German car in the driveway is just never enough


Then there was this cute little place


Google Maps route of my walk in the afternoon.

Monday and Tuesday 10-11th -- Wednesday and Thursday 12-13th -- Friday 14th -- Saturday 15th