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Monday 10th September

Once the delayed flight got in to Toronto and I got out to a taxi and to the Hotel it was well after 7pm. I checked in, dumped gear in the room and went downstairs for dinner. After dinner I spent a bit of time organising for the next day when I planned to get power adaptors, pre-paid SIM and exchange some money. Shortly afterwards I crashed.

Tuesday 11th

I woke up around 7am, got myself ready, wandered downstairs and had breakfast in the restaurant. I had a look around night to work out where the nearest grocery store was as $15 for breakfast everyday was excessive. This would require a fair bit of walking as the hotel was in the middle of an industrial area:

Holiday Inn Burlington

I set off for the nearest shopping mall to get there a bit after 9am. If you thought Sydney was lazy in starting late, these guys take it to another level with next to no-one opening before 10am. Along the way I noticed this little guy poking up out of the grass:

Once I had sorted the SIM and power adaptors I wandered down the road (a fair old hike) to the nearest grocery store. There I saw some exceptional parking

Down near the shopping mall I also noticed this on one of the pedestrian lights.

Not all lights have this timer mind you but it is a neat idea that I think should be used everywhere. Once I was finished getting groceries I wandered back to the hotel. I had been walking around for 2 or 3 hours and was feeling a bit tired. I had forgotten about getting money changed. A while later I finally managed to drag myself out of the room and asked at the lobby about getting money changed. The lady pointed me back towards the shopping mall where there was apparently a bank. By the time I got down there, they had closed. She had also mentioned another place she called TD's that she thought would definitely be open. Sure enough it was. I wish all banks had these sort of opening times!

In all the rushing about of the day I missed the 11th anniversary of the USA airline highjackings. I guess that's what I get for not watching any news.


Monday and Tuesday 10-11th -- Wednesday and Thursday 12-13th -- Friday 14th -- Saturday 15th