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Wednesday 12th

Despite my research the previous night indicating a bus route that would get me to Ivara's office (7km away so not really walkable with dress shoes and heavy backpack) I couldn't find the bus stop, or the bus wasn't running that morning. I gave up and ended up getting a taxi from the hotel. Once in the office I met the trainer and fellow classmates. They have been pretty good people.

At the first break in the morning I bumped into a couple of the higher up guys Stephen and I have been dealing with recently. They asked how I was doing and such and when they realised where I was staying suggested that they could get one of the girls to try to book me into another hotel closer to the lake and closer to "Downtown Burlington".

So when I finished up for the day I had to tell the hotel that I would be checking out the next day (sorry guys) and I would need to pack all my gear again! Oh well, the next place sounded more promising, even if a bit more expensive. Eugene (Russian, pronounced Yvgeny), the trainer, insisted on driving me back to the hotel which I thought was fantastic. He has insisted on picking me up and dropping me off every day since, despite it being a 40 odd minute inconvenience for him.

Thursday 13th

The next hotel, called The Waterfront was indeed closer to the lake and right in town (google maps link). It was also another 5-10 minutes away from the office by car. The room isn't quite as nice as the first one I stayed at however the view and dining options are a huge improvement. The lift however isn't any better than the slow bastid in the first place. As I'm on the 3rd floor I take the stairs as often as I do the lift. It does have a nice looking food place on the street opposite though

I quickly settled in then went out for dinner with a few of the Ivara guys. Don had originally arranged it as between the two of us but it ended up being a meet and greet for me with the guys and girl who will be directly involved with the Woodside job in Perth. By the way, that's supposed to be starting at the start of November right after I get back from the MotoGP and while you are away in Japan. I'm told to expect it to run for the rest of the year and possibly into January. Our bed is going to feel foreign to me next year...

On the other hand, there will probably be opportunities for you to spend some time in Perth


Monday and Tuesday 10-11th -- Wednesday and Thursday 12-13th -- Friday 14th -- Saturday 15th