Bendigo trip

20th to 25th March 2011


After a lazy morning and a subsequent rushed preparation for the flight to Melbourne I finally caught a cab. This was by far the best driver I have had in a cab. Hats off to driver 7064 - you are one of the best drivers in Sydney. Flight QF441 boarded 10 minutes late and got in around 10 minutes late. We came into land via the Westgate bridge basically and got to see quite a lot of Melbourne on the way. On the way down we flew to the east of Lake Eildon such that we could see just how big that lake is and how much water it has laying about the place. Huge.


Once into Melbourne and off the plane we all had a loong wait for the baggage handlers to do their thing. Then once the bags came out the carousel stopped for some reason. Avis had a little surprise waiting for me down in the parking lot.

Oh-we-on! (click the image for a larger image)


Was fairly nice and relaxing to drive but didn't like the female gearbox once in town ("We're shifting gears when I want to") nor the cruise contol which takes 5 seconds to speed back up to your set speed. The audio system connected with the phone over bluetooth very simply and even allowed me to play my music off the phone all the way there.

Booked in at the Quest and was given a bottom floor room right up the back. It appears a lot older than the top floor room I had last time there. Has a rather funky shower which looks like something out of a swimming pool change room.


Again, click the image for a larger version

The rest of the place was pretty comfortable

Living Room

Living Room 1Living Room 2


Bed Room 1Bed Room 2

Once settled in I went and made a simple dinner